Far Beyond Regular Telephony

It’s time to get away from your Traditional phone system and move to the most sophisticated telephony solution on the market which enables you to deliver the next gen features your customers want.

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Customer Service Champs

Your customers are at the core of your business, so it’s vital that your contact center solution delivers a friendly personalized experience.

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Easy Transition to the Cloud

With our step by step walk through and custom installations, moving your telephony to the cloud with Contact Center Plus is the fool proofed choice for your cloud contact center needs.

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Advanced Call & Contact Center Solutions

Contact Center Plus’ call center solutions were created to be the most user friendly and flexible contact solution. Our solution provide many innovative features which include: Workforce Optimization, CRM incorporation, IVR (Interactive Voice response), and ACD (Automatic Call Distribution), etc. Our Hosted Call Center drastically improves end-user feedback via CRM integration, Workforce Scheduling, and surveying which will considerably reduce your operating costs. We understand that our customers’ needs are forever evolving, so we pride ourselves on continuously releasing new and improved solutions within our Contact Center Platform. If you ever have a specific or unique request, we will skillfully create a custom solution that will fit your contact centers requirements.